Danne Len

Solstice Moon

Having always been inspired by the healing that Mother Earth offers, I found my way to books, classes, and mentors that provided the stones that built my path. 

Knowing that I would need to first find healing within I began to study and practice meditation, journaling, and energy healing. 

I received my Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Certificate from Goddess Ceremony in mid 2019 and a  Crystal Healing Certificate in early 2018 from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy .  I have also begun Reiki training with Empire Awaken and look forward to beginning a study in herbalism to further explore Mother Earth's natural remedies.

Creating guided meditations and crafting rituals are a source of intuitive creation for me. I am also able to read Tarot and Oracle and love to be the messenger of Divine guidance. 

Goddess has given me many lessons in her many forms. She has helped me to see that healing lies within and that if we can just place one foot in front of the other on this journey, we can arrive at a place of compassion and understanding for each other and ourselves. It is my joy to offer my services to you on your journey.

Blessed be.