Something special happens when women and all those who identify with the feminine divine come together. We share parts of ourselves that we rarely speak aloud. This is because once we overcome the fear of something new and sit down inside of that sacred space we find connection, understanding, and unconditional love. Each of us discover new and empowering things about ourselves inside the safety of the circle. And the act of not just being witnessed as we share our deeper selves but of being a witness to others as they unburden their hearts and emotions is powerful beyond words. This is where healing begins.

Each circle is held in sacred space and led by a Certified Women's Circle Creatrix. You will be guided through a deep, resonating experience where there is no judgement only wisdom and love as we open ourselves up to the Goddess and the divine feminine in us all.

Goddess Guided Circle

Walking with Goddess over the last two decades has given me much insight into the challenges I have experienced in my life. Trauma, the mother wound, grief all left me feeling worthless but Goddess in her many forms offered me lessons and tools to honor my past while providing the tools to heal. 

Each Goddess Guided circle is created with a specific archetype in mind. Self-Love - Aphrodite, At a Crossroads - Hekate, Being Sovereign of Your Life - The Morrigan and many more. Moving through the story of the Goddess into a guided meditation, creating an offering or gift, and of course sharing our experiences and energy is what you can expect from this life changing circle.


Lunar Circle

The moon holds a special power. Its not power over us but in us. It is a gift. Each full cycle of the moon brings renewal, manifestation, awakening, and the encouragement to leave behind what no longer serves you. The moon gives us the chance to look at the wild woman inside and give her license to indulge her most natural instincts. 

Each circle will be created around the full or new moon. This will be a powerful circle where we will raise celestial energy for the highest good of all.

moon smh.png